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FloraDeli is a flower boutique started joyfully in Kolkata, the City of Joy by us, a mother-and-daughter duo. We bring to you flowers for every occasion and customize the arrangement in keeping with your interests and likes. We design bouquets pertaining to your personality; ranging from beer lovers and foodies to shutterbugs and chefs,our designs are varied. We design not only for weddings, but also for baby showers and birthdays, festivals,cocktail parties and even Environment days! With us, you can add colour, fragrance and vibrancy to your life. Feel free to reach us at: Ishita Shah: +919903547822 Sangita Shah: +91 9831685377 Come, let's be flower-ful!

Thursday, 15 November 2012


The pre-Diwali rush had gotten on to all of us at FloraDeli. With clients, both old and new, calling in to order customized mementos and token gifts, we were all pressing for time. We decorated for one Poker Party and with our beer mug arrangements blending perfectly with their theme, the hosts appreciated our work. We sent out baskets of goodies ordered by people for their near and dear ones and of course, the regular bouquets and table arrangements were dished out with joy!

Amidst all this mess, I personally realized how much of an effort it is to run a business of this kind! One phone call and your day's schedule could be turned upside down. You commit a certain price to your client and almost immediately when you turn to your supplier, he has upraised his prices because its peak season. You try to suit each one's needs and innovation is a strong pre-requisite. It was tough.
Never before had I worked during the festive season and a few days before Diwali all I was longing for, was an afternoon nap!

Moral: Business, whatever kind it may be, does take a toll on your time, mood, health and routine. The trick of the trade is to balance it out while you juggle between the many shades of You!

--Ishita Shah

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Standing on a threshold

As our Facebook page receives appreciation from over 200 people, and we send out our 51st order, we wish to thank all our well-wishers.
A warm, heartfelt Thank You, to all of you who've been kind in receiving us warmly in your list of contacts and remembering us each time you thought of flowers, on every occasion when you needed to gift something unique, personal, elegant, cordial, sweet, sober, soft, soothing, beautiful, cute, big or small. Yes, that's the range of adjectives we've heard and used while processing orders!

On this note, we wish to present some pictures which speak of our work. If flowers can have candid moments, then we think we have something to show you:

The extravagant Lily

Tissue Flowers

From the Top

Zoom in

Share your views and photos with us at:

Monday, 16 July 2012

Diaper Bouquet

This afternoon, one of our first few customers called to say his 3 month old nephew was coming home to Kolkata from elsewhere. His 'chachu' was very excited and wanted to send something to welcome the little baby home.
FloraDeli designed a Diaper Bouquet. Maybe the flowers will not live until the boy gains a better understanding of te world. But we wanted to make a mark on his parents' hearts so that this memory would stand out in their minds. And we did! The results are as below:

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Care and Concern

 If you're a person who loves flowers and wants to hold on to them for as long as possible, this guide is exactly what you need.

FloraDeli, brings together a step-by-step guide to help you in maintaining the health of the little bright and colourful flowers that adorn your home.

  • You must put the stems or the bouquet in water, to ensure longevity. However, each time the stems are exposed to air, the pores get blocked. Hence, it is best you cut a little bit of the stem, even if it looks fresh. You must hold the stem in the water, if possible and cut with a sharp scissor, diagonally. If you're looking at a bouquet, then it might be impossible to hold the stems in water, and thus your only solution is to cut them one by one and place them in a vase as quickly as possible. However, there is no alternative for a sharp pair of scissors because a blunt one crushes the ends, doing more harm than good.
  • The best preservative for flowers, is sugar. Yes, the same ingredient that appeals to you in chocolates and cakes, takes care of your flowers too! However, put in just about half a teaspoon sugar for a dozen flowers, because you have to change the water the next day.

  • That brings us to our next point: Change the water in the vase. Flowers should not be allowed to stand in the same water for more than 36 hours. It is most advisable to change the water at the end of 24 hours.
  • Once, in the vase, the flowers should be placed in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Most importantly, it shouldn't be directly under the fan, because the wilting process gets facilitated by the fan!

  • You must trim the bouquet regularly, and cut or pluck out the flowers or leaves that wilt, lest it might contaminate its 'friends'

  • Some flowers need special care. For example, when lilies blossom the colour of the anther is a stark contrast to the petals. It sure does look good, but it is best to pluck the anthers, lest they stain the petals and cause harm. Carnations should be placed in lukewarm water, so that the blossomed beauty lasts longer!

Add to this list: Leave a comment or reply on, or call us at 9903547822.

Sharing our flower power!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Studious Couple

A week ago a friend of mine and a customer of FloraDeli called me and said his sister and her husband were both appearing for their CFA Exam on 3rd June and he wanted to send them flowers to wish them luck. He wanted a fairly elaborate arrangement, expecting something personalized and not a standard basket arrangement with an "All the Best!" card.
What ensued thereafter was a wonderful experience and that is what made way for this post.

I wanted to share my experience.

As I set out to hunt for a showpiece that depicted a couple studying intently, I knew I was asking for too much but I secretly hoped that I'd find something, however big or small. In my search, I ransacked the major Archies and Hallmark stores and even the lesser known gift shops in bylanes. Wherever I went people showed me showpieces of couples on a cycle, on a bench on a tree, in an endearing embrace; but books! Alas! Even their shadows didn't fall on any showpiece. One shopkeeper smiled wide, when I told him what I was looking for. His smile raised my hopes but no, he said, "Aj kal yeh log padhta kahan hai? Khali cycle me ghumega, pyar karega..." Embarassed, I walked away. Another salesperson said, "Rakhi ka time hone se fir bhi shayad mil jata, bhai behen ko padhte padhate dikha sakta hai. Par couple to......" Again, I had to walk away, with nothing in hand. Finally I reached a store in South  Calcutta that sold glassware and showpieces. And there I found little babies over a book, in varying poses. And just then I knew, this is it!
When I saw them I thought they were Japanese but when I brought them home, my mother said they looked like Buddhist monks. Whether Buddhist or Japanese, they were going to give company to my flowers!

Little studious babies
Good Luck Flowers

Little Scholars!

Kudos to the couple whose love story is brewing in the times they spent together with their books, even after their marriage! After all it isn't always about using books as an excuse to meet your love!

Tell us what you think of these!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Our Work

FloraDeli is now a month old baby.
Here's presenting a baby album:

This was the highest selling arrangement.

One of our precious clients gifted this to Mr & Mrs Birla on their 70th Anniversary
Ritu Kumar's Signature Store Inauguration

Romancing the Candles

Ferrero Rocher Bouquet
Which is your favourite?

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mothers' Day Special

FloraDeli brings to you the perfect gift for your dearest mommie on this Mothers’ Day.
Choose from among our special arrangements for this occasion and you’re sure to bring a wide smile on her face.
We promise to make this occasion special for your mothers, but at the same time keep it light on your pockets!
Choose from any of the following options, to make her day:
·      Personalized Arrangements: While the rest of the world suggests personalized gifts and a bunch of flowers, we combine the two for you! Yes, you can personalize the arrangement to compliment your mother’s personality. If your mother likes cooking we have what we call, ‘Dal Bouquets’; if she is a teacher we know what’s best for her, if she’s a designer we offer something that has a touch of embroidery thread in it. If she’s good at the art of homemaking, we have ‘Edison Bouquets’ and ‘Egg-basket Bouquets’ that will add to her wonderfully done up house. If she adores jewellery, we save you the trouble of burning a hole in your pocket and can incorporate a piece of jewel in the flowers!
This list is endless; we accommodate almost all tastes and interests!

·      A Part of Her: You can even include a part of your mother’s most favourite thing in your bouquet. Whether it be a earring or a pendant or a pen or a watch or a purse, just about anything could be included in the bouquet. This is your chance to play the prank on her! Steal her most prized item for a few days and on D-Day present it to her with a beautiful arrangement of flowers!
For this particular category, you could either bring the item to us or tell us what it is and we could design the bouquet accordingly for you to place it in the bouquet once it is delivered at your doorstep.

·      Back to Basics: We also have some very simple arrangements to offer that could be gifted along with any other present. Also, if you’re making the day really big for her and want to give her a list of things, then we understand that you’re tight on your budget and even then, we have just the thing for you!

·      Li’l Chef: If you’re cooking for her, we offer table arrangements of various styles; stay assured that the spread will look exceptional in the company of the bright little flowers.

·      Your own free will: This last segment is about you telling us what you want and we will serve you to the best of our abilities! Maybe, we’ve overlooked a particular situation and not considered your opinion. So, this is just to say that we are open to suggestions and can customize the arrangement as you like it!

Reach us at: 9903547822/ 9831685377

Chocolate Bouquet

Dal Bouquet

Going to School

Ice Cream Lovers

Keep it simple!

White orchids in test tubes

Teddy Messenger Flowers

-The Paradise of Flowers